Top 10 Foodie Destinations

Paris, Je t’aime! 

Okay, we both love you, but that doesn’t sound as sexy in French!   12 lovely days in one of our all time favorite cities, Paris! We’re posting this in 2 parts –  This one is a super long post (we had 12 days there after all!) and we just love Paris so much, we…

All These Amazing News Articles – Wow! 

What an honor and amazing experience it has been to be featured in Travel & Leisure! We are so flattered by all the response and love from everyone. We are having the time of our lives and wouldn’t trade it for anything! Since then we’ve been featured in two more news outlets, the New York…

Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Came For The Temples and Left With So Much More

      We were so pleasantly surprised with Yogyakarta, or Jogja (if you’re a local!). It was clear from the moment we touched down that we were in “real” Indonesia now. Not the touristy Indonesia of Bali.         The airport was TINY! The smallest that either of us have ever been in […]