Scotland, Ireland, Canada: The End Of Our Tour and Back to Real Life (With Fun Trips Along the Way!)

Hello fellow travel lovers and friends!

It has been a little bit since we have last posted and for that we are VERY sorry! We have been focusing mostly on our Facebook and Instagram… so if you are not following us there, make sure to head on over!

The last of our trip consisted of stops in Scotland and Ireland. The dreary weather reflected our feelings as we were so sad to have our trip coming to an end.

Scotland was everything we wanted it to be. Cobble stoned streets, and bright green landscapes. We started in Edinburgh which just so happened to be hosting a big arts festival  (FringeFest), so while it was fun to walk around and see the city it was a little frustrating to have to dodge people! It was packed! We stopped by the castle for a quick photo op, but mostly just walked around and soaked in the sights. After Edinburgh we decided to venture off and explore more of the country. Driving through the highlands was a dream and 2 days to experience it was definitely not enough. We found a Bed and Breakfast to stay in, which is not usually our style but turned out to be the highlight of our stay in Scotland. The hosts were beyond generous and the food was outstanding, and Julie even found her new favorite cider drink. Needless to say we will definitive be going back! We did, however, manage to get a stop in to Loch Ness, and see some classic Scottish cattle and other cut animals, that was awesome!


Last stop was Ireland and the best part was having Dean’s parents join us! We started in Belfast in Northern Ireland. What a cute town! The passing rain gave the town a glow and romanticism about it, especially at night! We took a day trip to Giant’s Causeway and even made a pit stop at Bushmills whisky distillery to round out our Northern Ireland experience. What a gorgeous country!


Our very last stop was Dublin, of course. How can you go to Ireland and not visit Dublin?! Dean had been before but it was the first time for the rest of us. We decided to stay in an Airbnb (boy are we done with those now!) that had parking and use the tourist bus to get everywhere. It was such a great deal! There are so many tour bus companies out there, but we chose CityScapes and couldn’t have been more happy with the experience. We decided to get the 3 day pass for only 18 euros per person! It took us to all the best stops and we got to see a lot of the city. We toured the Guinness factory, Jameson, drank lots of delicious beer and ate tons of delicious Irish food! They aren’t kidding about the pubs there! Our most favorite was one that Dean had visited on his last trip here and couldn’t wait to bring us back to, called The Cobblestone just up the street from the Jameson distillery. It gave us the true Irish pub experience with a dark atmosphere, live music and a rowdy crowd.

We decided to go out and explore more, but being the indecisive bunch that we are, we couldn’t pick between a day trip to Waterford or Galway, since a decision was hard to come by, we ended up with a day trip to Waterford to see the famous crystal factory. It’s only a short drive to the coast where Waterford sits, filled with rolling green hills, sheep, cattle and fog. There is a great history behind Waterford but we all know why we went there, the sparkles! We got to see how crystal is made, cut and polished all by expert craftspeople. The most fun was the showroom though! Letting us free in a room sparkly objects was a mistake, almost rivaling the shops in Morocco, we had a wishlist for a future home, chandeliers, candlesticks, glassware, champagne flutes and clocks, we only bought a picture frame though, the temptation was real! They even had a newly made people’s choice award for me to hold!


Our last day and night we decided to live it up and stay at a super nice hotel right in the center of the city. The Trinity Hotel located right near the college was the perfect location in the city. Right near a ton of great restaurants and shopping and right across the street from a bus stop! Although, we must say, while staying here there really is no need to find any restaurants, as their restaurant is top notch. We glanced inside, took one look at the menu and our decision was made for lunch! We don’t typically eat at the hotels we stay at but this was definitely a well rewarded exception. I am still drooling over their beet and goat cheese salad and fish and chips!


This hotel was unlike any other. It was decorated in such a lush, classy way that was carried from the lobby all the way up to the room. We felt so fancy! And that bed… omg! It was just what we needed on the very last night of our trip, a real treat!

As you can imagine, upon our return to the US from our amazing world tour…we were EXHAUSTED! 7 months of 20,000 steps a day and constant brain candy definitely wears you down!

We knew that our trip would fly by and be over before we knew it, but we had no idea it would fly THAT fast. WOW! We are so fortunate and lucky to have been able to see and do everything we have and most of all, have been able to share the whole thing with all of you. We really could not have done it without all the support and love!

Since returning, resting back up and getting back to the daily grind, we have been able to squeeze in some fun trips! In July of 2018 we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! We decided to take a long weekend and go back to where our whole trip began, Montreal! Last time we were in this wonderful city, we found ourselves trecking through the snow and freeing our butts off. This time was very different. It turned out to be such a beautiful weekend. Mid 80’s with the perfect breeze, it was gorgeous! As always, we hopped onto our trusty through Ebates and booked a fabulous room at the Sofitel Golden Mile. Talk about a perfect location! Just a few blocks in one direction to the metro station and a few in the other direction to tons of restaurants and bars. Our hotel room had a gorgeous view of the city and the most comfortable bed. And that bathroom?! Floor to ceiling marble and a HUGE shower.. just our style! They even greeted us with some local goodies, cookies.. and maple syrup! Yum!


We spent the weekend exploring the city and all the great sights and food it has to offer. This is definitely a city we could live in, even if just for the massive amounts of poutine! From walking along the waterfront, checking out the Notre-Dame Basilica to enjoying some delicious grub to celebrate our anniversary, it was a great city to visit!


In October we decided to head back to Colombia and, just as the last time, it didn’t disappoint! This time our main reason to visit was for the extremely anticipated celebration of my best friend’s 30th birthday! Francy is from just outside Bogota and has been planning her celebration for well over a year. We decided this was the perfect opportunity to explore more of this amazing country! Keep an eye out for the next blog post where we’ll go into detail about our fabulous trip and share all our amazing photos!

Thanks again for continuing to love and support us, we love you all!

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    Thanks for catching us up , NOW on to the next adventure. As always wonderful photos & great info.

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